Natura e benessere

Wellness and Nature


The itinerary proposed with this excursion leads the visitor among the various thermal phenomena of the island to discover what is a real natural spa. It will be possible to cover your body with thermal mud, relax by immersing yourself in hot tubs and have a sauna in a natural cave. The naturalistic aspect is not overlooked as the various spas are immersed in the lush vegetation of the island.
The first stop on the excursion is Lake Venus, a unique ecosystem in the world. The lake is fed both by rainwater and by the thermal springs located inside which give life to therapeutic mud. After a well-deserved break and appreciating the benefits of the thermal waters and the mud, he sets off again for the Gadir vault, a small fishing village. Here it is possible to relax with a hot thermal bath, practice the ritual of the calidarium-frigidarium already in vogue in Roman times, ancient visitors to the site. The waters of the springs, particularly sweet but rich in mineral salts, are used above all to treat arthritis and rheumatism in general and have a non-constant temperature ranging from 39°C up to 50°C.

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