Archaeological Excursion


Escursione Archeologica

Archaeological Excursion


This excursion is a journey through time from prehistoric times to the Punic-Roman period and finally to the modern history of the island. Through the narration of the guide, the ancient splendor of "Cossyra" and its inexorable decline will be relived.
The route will begin among the huts of the village of Mursia and then continue, crossing the boundary wall, towards the necropolis of the Sesi, to discover one of the most important sites on the island of Pantelleria and the entire Mediterranean basin. It tells the story of the first people who lived on the island in the Bronze Age (17th century BC – 15th century BC). The journey through the history of the island continues in the Acropolis of San Marco and Santa Teresa, among the remains of the ancient capital of the island, founded by Carthage in the second half of the 13th century BC: from the forum to the walls, to the of cisterns for water needs. The excursion will continue ending in the monumental Castle of Pantelleria, with a visit to the museum area and in particular to the three marble heads of the imperial era.

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