Best Beaches of Pantelleria

The best beaches of Pantelleria

Discover the best beaches of Pantelleria

From the meeting of the dark lava rock with the crystal clear sea, the best beaches of Pantelleria are born. Here, the intense volcanic activity has created small bays and inlets, where the play of colors of the seabed offers simply unforgettable images.
Not real beaches then, but splendid coves and descents to the sea that surround the entire island.

Bue Marino

very close to the town, Cala Bue Marino is the most popular with tourists. easy to access, it is ideal for families with children thanks to its shallow water.

Cala Cinque Denti

accessible only from the sea, this splendid cove, sheltered from the sirocco winds, is the destination of numerous private boats. swimming it is possible to reach Cinderella's slipper, a beautiful cave that is also accessible only from the sea.

Cala Cottone

cala cottone owes the origins of its name to the ancient port from where the boats with loads of cotton departed. among the low and smooth rocks of this enchanting bay you will find a well dating back to the Arab domination, dug to obtain fresh water.

Cala Gadir

famous for its thermal baths carved into the rock and the archaeological site in front of it, gadir is an essential stop for visitors to the island, thanks also to an easy descent to the sea. the cove is also accompanied by an area equipped for bathers.

Cala Tramontana

on the eastern side of the island, we find cala tramontana. it is one of the most scenic bays of Pantelleria and is very famous for diving, thanks to its beautiful and colorful seabed. it is suitable for children as the seabed degrades slowly, allowing extremely simple access to the water.

Cala Levante

separated by a rocky ridge from cala tramontana, cala levante was used in the past as a shelter to protect ships from the strong sirocco winds. an interesting detail is that cala levante and cala tramontana shield each other: if the wind blows from the north-west the waters of cala levante will be calm, if the wind blows from the south-east the waters of cala tramontana will be calm.

Arco dell'elefante

the arch of the elephant is a huge rock of lava rock that plunges into the water forming an arch. It is considered the symbol of the island of Pantelleria and every year it is the destination of many tourists and bathers who want to dive into the crystal clear sea of the cove.


Located southeast of Pantelleria, between Balata dei Turchi and the Arch of the Elephant, Martingana is a small but beautiful cove. with its small port, it is a mooring point for boats and an ideal place for the wet with its crystal clear waters.

Balata dei turchi

one of the most beautiful beaches of Pantelleria is certainly Balata dei Turchi. so called for a balata of lava flow that allows access to the sea. it is said that it was once a stopover used by pirates. to reach it you need equipped means but the view of its seabed will repay your efforts.


one of the most beautiful and evocative coves of the island is nikà. here, the cold currents of the Mediterranean meet the jets of thermal water, bringing the sea temperature to 70°C. a unique show to immerse yourself in.


famous for its thermal water springs, cala sataria is a very large and suggestive cave. the vault is made of pumice stone, while the pavement is made of bricks. according to legend, in this cave, ulysses met the goddess calypso.

Lido Shurhuq

we close this guide on the best beaches of pantelleria talking about lido shurhuq, one of the few areas on the island equipped with bars, sunbeds, showers and canoe rental. the cove is located in suvaki and can be easily reached by following the road and taking the "suvaki descent to the sea" exit.

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