Una SPA a cielo aperto.

The island of Pantelleria is an active volcano which presents visible phenomena of secondary volcanism. For these characteristics we can afford to define it as a real open-air spa where you can spend time immersed in natural pools with waters that reach 40°, purify yourself by spending time in a natural sauna inside a small cave carved into the rock or proceed with real beauty treatments using the natural mud present at Lake Venus.

Venus Lake

In this regard, the Lake of Venus deserves a separate mention. It is in fact a basin of volcanic origin with incredible colours, partly fed by thermal springs that flow from the sandy shores. Its seabed is rich in a precious mud for body care. In spring and autumn the lake becomes a natural observatory for the passage of many varieties of birds. The springs that feed it are almost all concentrated on the southern bank and have a variable temperature between 40 and 50°C.

Benikulà Cave

in the district of sibà, in the locality of benikulà, along the ridge of the large mountain there is a natural cave opened in a large fault and divided, since ancient times, into two rooms. the external one is the "frigidarium", with a view of the large monastery plain, surrounded by stone seats and the smaller internal one, where water vapor at around 38°C arrives intermittently from a deep crack. this emission is used as a real natural sauna by Pantelleria and tourists to treat rheumatic pains.

Sateria cave

the sataria cave, on the other hand, has been known since ancient times for the quality of its thermal waters. recent studies identify it with the homeric calypso cave, on the island of ogigia (ancient name of pantelleria). inside it, springs of hot water gush out at a temperature of around 40°C. which flow into three pools. the name sataria derives from the Greek "soterìa" and means cave of health.

Gadir Hot Water

thermal point of fundamental importance is that of the small and folk fishing port of gadir. here we find natural pools of different sizes that collect the heat naturally emitted by the sea depths. the tanks are distinguished by different dimensions and temperatures. it is a fascinating and panoramic place where you can enjoy natural wellness treatments even during the winter.


tra i luoghi di vulcanesimo secondario merita una menzione la panoramica vallata delle favare che prende il nome dal fenomeno stesso della fuoriuscita di vapore acqueo dalla rocce vulcaniche. un vero e proprio spettacolo naturale che simbolicamente rappresenta il respiro dell'isola.

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